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C-Rod a.k.a Crysis is an independent rapper from Flushing Queens New York, who connected with music after a very difficult road of death, violence, illness and despair hitting close to home multiple times. C-Rod’s songs has been played on 4 different radio stations including New York’s Power 105.1.

C-Rod has been published on The Source magazine’s website 4 different times, This is 50 and over 100 other music publications. C-Rod has performed shows throughout the United States, as he has done a down south United States tour, a north east tour and also an east coast United States tour opening up for Cory Gunz from Young Money!

C-Rod’s gift is to share openly and without judgement from depression, fear of death, religious beliefs and political views. There are topics explored in his music that is rarely heard in hip hop albums now a days. C-Rod has built a reputation of a worthwhile independent rapper who has earned him respect and acknowledgement from the indie music community.

Tracks Produced By Ras (X)

Beautiful Life, Adam & Eve, Long Shots, Diamonds & Gold, Welcome to the Holidays…Album: This Is My Apology Letter to God (2017)

What Is Love? (Intro), Slept In My Bed, Love Is A Fairytale, Think About IT, Ridiculous, Outro…Album: The Break-up Tape (2019)

The Speech, Represent, High Off Life, The System Is Corrupt, Tears of A Soldier, Time (Classic), Fear, Friends, Wannabe Emcees, Emcees vs Rappers…Album: Make Hip Hop Great Again! (2020)