B4 Da Madnezz (EP)- *Alternate Cover*


Ras (X) takez the listener on a journey n2 his youth b4 “da madnezz”…thiz timee with an alternate cover of the EP…back cover iz a different color and iz included in download, enjoy.

  1. B4 Da Madnezz Ras (X) 3:13
  2. Yesteryearz Ras (X) 4:32
  3. Skool Boi Ras (X) 4:22
  4. Thingz'll Neva Be Tha Same Ras (X) 3:55
  5. Inner Child Ras (X) 4:26
released April 4, 2023

Self produced

Artwork: Ardis Art

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