Da Lab Scientizz (LP)


Ras (X) iz bakk and has come from the lab with a full length LP, Da Lab Scientizz…cooked up ova dope self production & production from Con Artist aka Capital A and Dee-L aka Dope Villain…enjoy

  1. Intro Ras (X) 0:49
  2. I'm Bakk Niccuz Ras (X) 3:41
  3. Gangsta Prod By Con Artist Ras (X) 3:43
  4. Free Flowyn Feat Da Naughty aka Jack Bowo Ras (X) 4:05
  5. Whut It Du? (Skit) Ras (X) 2:30
  6. Fell In Luv Wit' An Escort Ras (X) 3:10
  7. Juss Sum Shyt N Da Hood...Prod by Con Artist Ras (X) 3:02
  8. Letter 2 My Yunger Self Ras (X) 3:44
  9. Word Around Town (Skit) Ras (X) 0:22
  10. Ova Wordz Ras (X) 3:20
  11. Lessonz Learned Prod By Con Artist Ras (X) 2:50
  12. Take The L (Skit) Ras (X) 1:17
  13. Niggaz Think They Hard... 2:52
  14. Da Lab Scientizz Ras (X) 4:05
  15. Chancez Prod by Dee-L Ras (X) 3:47
  16. HoriZon 2 Ras (X) 3:38

Album featurez produkktion from Con Artist aka Capital A, & Dee-L aka Dope Villain, and a guest feature from Da Naughty aka Jack Bowo

Album Artwork: Ras (X)

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Trakkz 1, 2, 4-6, 8-10, 12-14, & 16 Prod by Ras (X)
Trakkz 3, 7 & 11 Prod by Con Artist aka Capital A
Trakk 15 Prod by Dee-L aka Dope Villain

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