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Ras X


Ras (X)

Ras (X) is an Indie Artist, Producer & Podcast Host of Tha Ras (X) Zone…He was born in Manhattan & raised in the Bronx, NY. He started MC’ing & producing because of 2Pac, Nore’s “Banned From TV” & Canibus. After hearing 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me, he thought, I have to write sum lyrics. Ras would spend hours writing rhymes & imitating various rappers flows & lyrics. He is a huge fan of the mid ’90s-early ’00s hip hop sound and his music reflects that era.

The moniker “Ras (X)” comes from his middle name Rashid, shortened to just Ras & the (X) is unknown, meaning it could mean anything, such as Ras (X)-Cellent, Ras (X)-Man, Ras (X)-Troadinaire etc. Also, Ras (X) is an acronym, Rebel Against Society/System or Rage Against Society/System, Reformed And Saved, Return As Same & Reel Azz Soldier.

Ras (X) loves the process of making music. It can stem from mood, experience, everyday situations or short notice ideas. In other words, it’s very sporadic. Hearing the finished product is what drives Ras (X).

Ras (X) has released a number of albums, EP’s, mixtapes, instrumental & remix project’s available online. He has been featured on 3 mixtapes (Most Wanted Volumes 1-3, available on Audiomack) hosted by co-founder of D-Block, J-Hood.

Also, he has produced tracks for various established and up and coming artists that have appeared on albums and mixtapes available online.

The Ras (X) Productionz brand was established in 2002.


Coast 2 Coast (2012) *Collabo Project*

(X) Markz Da Ras (2013)

X.o.X- (X)-Cellyn On (X)-Cellence (2014)

(X)-TremitieZ (2015)

The (X)-Files (2015) *Instrumental Project*

itzdaras! (EP) (2016)

Da (X)-troadinaire (2016); Singlez: Beautiful Day, Whut I Wanna B?, B-Side: Headz Boppyn’

The Lost Tape Filez (2016)

Season Of (X)-Cellence (2016); Singlez: My Tymee, Hez Comin’ Thru

The (X)-Files Part 2 (2016) *Instrumental Project*

(X)-zOnerated (2016); Singlez: Think About All The Tymeez, Vent-ill-ation, iGetZ buZy; B-Side: U Look So Good

Da Ras (X)-Man (EP) (2017); Singlez: Kreep; B-Side: n Theze Streetz

(X)-Mix Flava (2017) *Remix Project*

Live At The Rock Church (2021)

Freestylee Filez (2022) *Mixtape*

The Boom-Funk Album *Collabo Project* (2023)

B4 Da Madnezz (EP) (2023)

Da Lab Scientizz (2023)

Production Credits (Albums/Mixtapes):

Jerms Black- Listen, That Club Shit…Album: Paper Dough (2003)

C-Rod- Beautiful Life, Adam & Eve, Long Shots, Diamonds & Gold, Welcome to the Holidays…Album: This Is My Apology Letter to God (2017), What Is Love? (Intro), Slept In My Bed, Love Is A Fairytale, Think About IT, Ridiculous, Outro…Album: The Break-up Tape (2019), The Speech, Represent, High Off Life, The System Is Corrupt, Tears of A Soldier, Time (Classic), Fear, Friends, Wannabe Emcees, Emcees vs Rappers…Album: Make Hip Hop Great Again! (2020)

Bandit Zee- Cool Grey, Tap Tap Tap, Sonic, Fairy Tale Ending…Album: Karmic Realm (2021)

Epik- The Giants…Mixtape: The Mid-Term (2012), Flashback…Album: 500 Days (2015)

D-Will- Separate From The Fakez…Mixtape: Back On My Bully (2012), Fake’n N Hate’n…Mixtape: Back On My Bully Pt 2 (2013)

Mic Bookz- Misunderstood, Found, Thoughts, Unwine…Mixtape: The Truth Hurt (2012)

Gozpel- Life’s Melody…Album: The Book of Solomon (2019)

Other Credits (Misc):

Mic Bookz- Shmash Cypher ft. Zee (2011), Man In A Cold World, Nothing to Something, Until The End (2012)

IRA- Good Ol’ Dayz (2012)

LC The Poet- Boogie Down (2013)

Da Naughty aka Jack Bowo- A Fuck Revenge, He’z InDaHouzeII, YouKan’tFuckWit’ (2015), Body’s Part of You (2016)

Aye Nyce & BilzZz- Got Em Open (2015)

Flex Uno- Let It Go, New Dawn (2018)

Others: Dice, Joey Jesus, Kapi-Ku, Mike Crafone, Soe Sykk, Doe Nox, Just Biz, Sun Zee & more…

Soundtrack/Score Credits:

Soundtrack in Collaboration with Lucas Berd- Coney Island: Magic Machine (2015), Dumbo: No Color Game (2021)

Instrumental Projects:

The (X)-Files (2015)

The (X)-Files Part 2 (2016)

Remix Projects:

(X)-Mix Flava (2017)