Da Ras (X)-Man (EP)


A dope hip hop EP with concepts, bangyn beatz & rhymez.
released February 28, 2017.
  1. Da Ras (X)-Man Ras (X) 3:01
  2. Only Get Betta Wit' Tymee Prod by White Noyze Ras (X) 3:13
  3. n Theze Streetz Ras (X) 4:17
  4. Rain On Ya Parade Ras (X) 3:56
  5. Kreep Prod by White Noyze Ras (X) 3:18
  6. God, Weed & Imajination Ras (X) 5:21
EP featurez produkktion from White Noyze

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Cover Art by Da NaughtY:

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Trakkz 1, 3-4 & 6 Prod by Ras (X)
Trakkz 2 & 5 Prod by White Noyze



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